Hey there, I'm Julia Joy

I like to break down my photography approach into 3 steps: 

1. the person (people): getting acquainted with whoever I will be photographing is essential. What do you like? What annoys you, thrills you, makes you feel amazing? Do you want photos of your family living out the simple, beautiful moments in your home, or is a walk through the park suit your style more? I look forward to knowing how I can best capture the essence of who you are. 

2. the light: natural & outdoor (when possible) is my jam. 

3. the space: everyone needs a nudge when it comes to "posing" for the camera. My style is much more guiding you into a space where you feel like you know what you're doing, even if you insist on not knowing. I come alive by finding and capturing the natural moments of the space in between, the space where you forget the camera is there and you're able to laugh at yourself (because everyone should learn how to laugh at themselves.) 

Now booking SENIOR photos class of 2018!!! would love love love to help you look bomb for your yearbook & the wall at your parents' house that will be filled with grad photos. 

* for weddings, please contact my hubby Char beck HERE to see if he's free the date of your special day! :)